Estate d'Afrique



Estate d'Afrique




Estate d'Afrique is the most private and pristine development in the Hartbeespoort Dam area with a unique French Provençal architectural style reminiscent of the small intimate villages along the coastlines of France.

With picturesque villas, boathouses, private jetties, indigenous natural rock, earthy colours, cascading water features and cobbled streets, the 310 stands at Estate d'Afrique offers the ultimate in Estate living.


The Estate is made up of 3 Villages:

  1. Beau Rivage
    104 residential stands

  2. Ville d'Afrique
    89 residential stands

  3. Port Provence
    117 residential stands
    85 boathouses & launch site

Due to its unique combination of mountain, wetland, grassland and river eco-systems, the Estate boasts a wide variety of fauna and flora. Duikers, Baboons, Scrub Hares, Water Monitors and even a resident Caracal are among the many types of wildlife roaming the Estate.

Estate d'Afrique is a proud member of the Magaliesberg Biosphere, recently declared a World Biosphere Reserve which covers almost 358 000 hectares.

Besides the range's unique biomes such as the central grassland plateaux and the Sub-Saharan savannah , it has a very rich biodiversity and is home to, amongst others, the Aloe Peglerae and Frithia Pulchra (commonly known as "Bobbejaanvingers", a perennial succulent). The area also boasts 443 bird species, almost half the total bird species of Southern Africa.

The area is endowed with scenic beauty, unique natural features, rich cultural heritage value and archaeological interest with the Cradle of Humankind, which is part of the World Heritage Site with four million years of history.

In close proximity to the Estate is a huge variety of activities such as abseiling, hang gliding, golf courses, balloon safaris, the Cradle of Humankind, restaurants and much more.

Beau Rivage

Design Philosophy /
Philosophie de Conception

Raw, simple, honest design in harmony with nature, complementing relaxed country life.

The design philosophy in this instance took inspiration from farm houses and life on the French provincial countryside. Care was taken to respect and embrace the ethos of Estate d'Afrique which is magnificently entrenched and exceptionally well suited to the area.

Core values:

simple traditional design striving to be part of a greater community esprit d'core.

Harmony with Nature
gardens that attract bees, birds & lady birds with empathy to scarce water resources.

stone, wood and natural finishes with earthy colours and textures.

honest design seeking happiness and tranquillity, not glory.


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